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NHS Versus Private Therapy

As outlined in the linked NHS website, CBT is available on the NHS. I would always advise you to see your GP and discuss all treatment options before making a decision. Here are some issues to consider in relation to treatment options.

NHS CBT service Moya CBT
Accessed via GP referral, or in some services you can self refer Self referral
Suitable for depression and anxiety disorders listed above Suitable for depression and all anxiety disorders listed above. In addition to this, it is possible to treat more complex problems such as eating disorders, co-morbid presentations where more than one problem exists (e.g. depression and generalised anxiety)
Therapy can be delivered by telephone, guided self-help, group meetings or individual one-to-one sessions depending on the severity of your problems One to one therapy sessions normally for 60 minutes. Can be face-to-face, video based (e.g. Skype) or telephone
Number of sessions offered is normally capped at 6-8, although you can sometimes be referred again for additional sessions Number of sessions is flexible, based on the presenting problems, treatment protocol used, and therapy goals of the client
Therapy sessions are offered during working hours, normally 9-5 Monday to Friday (although some services offer a later clinic) Moya CBT offers day time appointments on Wednesdays and an out of hours service on 3 weekday evenings
This service is free Private CBT can cost between £50-£120 an hour depending on many factors (experience, location).