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Boosting Your Mood

Tips for when your mood is low

Living with uncertainty

Reducing excessive worry and rumination

Social anxiety formulation

A real example

CBT vicious cycle

Diagram that explains how emotional difficulties are maintained

Fatigue Guide

Managing physical symptoms of Long Covid

Mindfulness Guide

Worry Guide

Worry Diary

Anxiety in pregnancy

Intolerance of uncertainty handout 1

Positive beliefs about worry worksheet

Negative problem orientation handout

Cognitive avoidance handout

Relapse prevention

Vicious flower formulation

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Becoming a CBT therapist

CBT career advice

CBT Career Advice

Overview of the services offered

Career consultancy

Information on bespoke CBT career advice service offered by Moya CBT

High Intensity CBT trainee interview tips

High Intensity CBT trainee personal statement tips

Work Experience Guide

Psychopathology guide

KSA webinar

Creative methods in CBT

CBT Formulation Guide

CBT problem and goals

How to be a CBT therapist (podcast)

Intolerance of uncertainty model

CBT for health related anxiety and depression webinar

Working with health related anxiety: A brief guide