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Risk Factors

Risk factors
Cognitive Therapy Loughborough provides CBT for a range of problems as outlined. As part of the initial consultation and at every session risk factors will be assessed and managed accordingly.

Risk can be understood in the following ways:

Risk to self:

  • suicidal thoughts where there is intent and or plans to act on them
  • self-harming behaviour
  • engagement in risky behaviours such as excessive drinking and drug taking 
  • of harm by someone you live with through violence or emotional abuse

Risk to others:

  • of violence or other forms of abuse

It is essential that you are completely honest about any risk factors. 

Most risk can be managed within therapy, and indeed CBT aims to reduce them. Reducing risky behaviours and suicidal thoughts make sensible therapy goals that can be worked on in a professional and safe environment.

Be aware that therapy can sometimes make you feel more vulnerable in the first instance, which can cause a temporary increase in risk factors. But formulating risk within the CBT treatment plan will help you identify triggers and patterns of thoughts and behaviours that contribute to your emotional distress.

Where the level of risk is deemed too high for remote CBT therapy, other options will be discussed and you will be signposted to appropriate services.

If risk is active within the treatment session then action may need to be taken such as contacting a third party (your GP, family member) or in extreme cases 999 may be called.