07946 441994 helen@moyacbt.co.uk


My primary focus of Moya CBT is the provision of CBT treatment, but I am qualified to provide a range of services, including Clinical Supervision, training and consultancy.

CBT Assessment​ and Treatment 

Initial telephone consultation (up to 15 minutes) to determine problem and suitability of CBT.  


Clinical Supervision 

As Course Director of CBT programme at the University of Nottingham, for six years, I have experience of providing clinical supervision to trainees on IAPT courses accredited by the BABCP. This includes:

  • Knowledge of the IAPT curriculum and expectations of trainees
  • Extensive experience of marking therapy tapes using CTS-R
  • Fidelity to NICE recommended protocols
  • Clinical expertise in many areas including formulation, working with complexity and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Honed teaching skills using creative and varied methods to suit individual learning styles 

In addition to this, I have supervised experienced therapists at a peer level. 

I am passionate about clinical supervision and am known for my enthusiastic and creative style!


CBT Training

I am passionate about training and can offer it to suit individual requirements. For example: 

  • academic training for healthcare organisations requiring updates on theory and policy in CBT
  • Practice based training on CBT protocols for healthcare professionals using CBT at all levels
  • Self-help and peer support groups wanting guided help
  • I have particular expertise in treating somatoform disorders (medically unexplained symptoms) and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Training people to become trainers in CBT through the use of interactive and creative teaching methods

Regular webinars delivered. Current events include:

  • Creative methods in CBT. See flyer for more details and registration [link to pdf]
  • KSA portfolio guidance. See flyer for more details and registration [link to pdf]


CBT Consultancy 

Becoming a CBT Therapist – bespoke career advice for your professional journey. Download free information sheet (Becoming a CBT Therapist PDF) 

KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) Portfolio Preparation – a service for those without a core profession wishing to apply for High Intensity IAPT or other Postgraduate CBT training, or accreditation with the BABCP.

For more information on the requirements for completing a KSA portfolio, please see the BABCP guidelines: https://www.babcp.com/files/Accreditation/KSA/KSA-Portfolio-Guidelines-V1-050913.pdf


CBT Mentoring 

CBT mentoring – bespoke career advice and support for any stage of your CBT career. 

Pay as you go to suit your specific needs.


How it works 

All begin with the completion of a form to provide background details and state specific support required. 

This is followed by a telephone or video session. Three levels of support are available:

  • 15 minute one off session – to answer specific questions and signpost
  • 30 minutes of flexible consultation time with one email follow up
  • 60 minutes of flexible consultation time with unlimited follow up email contact

N.B.) 30 and 60 minute flexible options can be used across multiple sessions