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What to expect

All sessions last approximately 50 minutes, with 10 minutes for welcome and additional administration such as completing any forms and setting next appointment.

As a talking therapy, you will be encouraged to describe how you are feeling physically and emotionally, and to identify thoughts that contribute to your current or ongoing problems. CBT will help you find the language to express how you are feeling and become skilled at recognising the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Each session will begin by setting an agenda between you and the therapist. This is to keep each session focused on your goals, in order to maximise the potential of the time available.

Written notes may be taken by the therapist, and you will be encouraged to write things down too. This helps to process and remember information from the session.

Homework tasks are an essential part of CBT, as this is the practical implementation of skills learned in therapy. Recovery is much more rapid and maintained longer when CBT is applied diligently between sessions.

Methods and options
At the start of therapy, and at various points through treatment, it is useful to complete measures on scales that record your symptoms. Although these measuring tools do not provide the full picture regarding your experience of mental distress, they can help to monitor progress throughout therapy. There are some examples of these measures Link to ‘Self-Assessment’

Depending on your problem and expressed goals for therapy, we will use a mixture of methods including: behavioural experiments to test current beliefs, exposure to feared situations, activity planning to reduce avoidance and procrastination and thought work to challenge and update unhelpful beliefs. 

CBT aims to help you move towards becoming your own therapist by recognising patterns (vicious cycles) and breaking them with the tools learned in therapy.

Face-to-face sessions take place in the therapy room at Woodgate Chambers. This is a cosy environment designed to make you feel safe and comfortable to talk about your problems.

If face-to-face sessions are difficult to schedule some weeks, then telephone or Skype sessions can be organised for the same fee.